Embrace a new Era of Mobility and Adaptability with our Modular Surfboard

Our unique joint system allows you to assemble and disassemble the board quickly and easily without tools.

Explore new waves around the world, and customize your board to changing wave conditions.

Easy to Transport

Anywhere and Everywhere

Easy to Join Together

Without Tools

Easy to Adapt

Customize Any Part

  • Hi Everyone! My name is Simão Manuel, a Portuguese Materials Engineer

    Driven by my desire for freedom and exploration, i embarked on an incredible journey. For 2 years, I devoted myself to relentless development and immersed myself in the world of 3D Printing
  • Traditional Surfboards have limitations. I spent countless hours were spent refining and pushing the boundaries of innovation.
    I wanted to design a surfboard that could be disassembled at will, granting surfers the power to adapt effortlessly to the ever-changing conditions of the waves and weather. And, then my vision became a reality.
  • Today, I proudly stand behind a brand that bears my name. A brand that embodies the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of limitless possibilities.
    Join me on this thrilling adventure as we ride the waves of innovation together.
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